Surrender (to) the Pink

April 1, 2006


No, not that one.

Today, Husband did something he’s never done before. He painted. He painted the room The Swimmy will be moving into in the next week or so. Okay, we both did. I did all the taping of the walls and trim (except the ceiling) and the cutting in stuff. I started to do the rolling part, but the fumes started to make me a little “woo hoo boy” and Husband sent me out of the room.

Whereby he finished the room all by himself. He rocks.

And let me just say that the room is now the pinkiest pink in all the land. It is so pink it could burn your retinas. It won’t stay that way, because this was just the primer, but holy jeebus it’s pink. Imagine a Pepto Bismol tablet exploded in the room.

You get the picture.

And I? Have one sore set of ass muscles from the bending and the taping and the rolling and did I mention the bending? And Husband may have sustained a painting injury as his wrist is sore and he did actually ask me, “Can painting give you carpal tunnel syndrome?”

(but he still rocks)

And tomorrow? We will go back into the Glowing Chamber of Clouseau and finish the job.

And we will have the happiest Swimmy in all the land. And then we’ll start the next room.


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2 Responses to “Surrender (to) the Pink”

  1. stephanie Says:

    I had a pink, pink, pink room when I was about 5 and my family moved into our first house. Three pinks, as in: medium pink on the bottom half of the wall, light pink on the top half of the wall, and a pink carpet. Yes, I had my parents put in a PINK carpet. (It was over really crappy, splintery wood, so they had to do something new anyway.)
    (Oh, also the bedding and curtains were pink gingham. Seriously.)
    A year or so later, I HATED pink. I was stuck with that pink carpet until I was a teenager, when one Christmas, my parents gave me a little box with a swatch of off-white carpet in it… new carpet was the best Christmas present ever that year.
    So, word of advice… no matter how much Swimmy begs, NO PINK CARPET!

  2. Hazel Hazel Says:

    sounds awesome!