The House…it's a sickness

March 29, 2006


Yeah, the Pottery Barn thing? It’s not over. You see, I’ve finally found something I mostly like for Wiggly’s nursery / toddler bed / big-boy bed (yes, I do it all at one time because who has time to do that stuff later?!) – that’s how I ended up there the other day and was sucked into the cuteness that is inescapable. (Which is how The Swimmy ALSO ended up with some new bed stuff…)

What I wanted (Blue Bright Striped Patchwork series, in case you were wondering) was, of course, sold out and on backorder. So, I put myself on the list and lo and behold, a piece came in. But, I was still missing the crib bumper (which? really? is kind of a waste of time, truth be told.)

But! Pottery Barn has found me again. A nice lady in San Antonio, Texas called me today to cheerily announce they could take my money because, Tah Dah!, a bumper has arrived at their store.

Well, okay then! Send it on down, honey! Here’s Husband’s wallet. Take what you need. Ugh.

That concludes this portion of the Great Room Rotation 2006…well, for Wiggly’s room at least. All I’m on the lookout for now is a dresser. Oh. I guess that means it’s not concluded then, huh? Nuts.

This weekend will begin the Arts & Crafts portion of the adventure as I begin taping off the moldings and windows to prep for the Painting Phase. And I’m pretty sure I’ll come home with some test cans of paint to narrow down the exact shade of “red” and “hot pink” that will go up on the walls. (Not in the same room, ew!)

And then? Katie bar the door – the paint’s gonna start flyin’!

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One Response to “The House…it's a sickness”

  1. jaime Says:

    Holy cow, that’s the 3rd time in the last few weeks I’ve seen/heard the expression “Katie bar the door”. How weird!
    Good luck with the rest of the room projects! I can’t even pull it together enough to stencil my bathroom!