For the Love of H.O.M.E.

March 27, 2006


Here’s some advice for you: If you are in the middle of nesting urge surge, DO NOT go into a Pottery Barn Kids. Bad things will happen. Or, at least cute things, but things will happen. And these things? Are not free. But sometimes they are on sale, so that’s better.

In other news…

Mom is done with Phase I of her treatment. All the drugs have been taken, the chemo has been handled, the stem cells have been harvested, and they get to get the hell out of Dodge (heretofore known as Little Rock) for two whole weeks. Huzzah! They will drive home tomorrow and I know they are — THIS READY —- to be home.

The past couple of weeks have been especially hard on Mom while she was away. We’ve had a couple of deaths in the family and she feels badly she wasn’t there to support the family. Combine that with a heaping dose of homesickness with a side of pharmaceutical fatigue and, well, you get the picture. This break couldn’t come at a better time.

You can hear the weariness in Mom and Dad’s voices these days, so I hope this trip home will be just what they need to recharge for Phase II of The Battle. I know The Swimmy is looking forward to seeing them. She is starting to have some “behavioral issues” which I believe are directly related to all this. Even though we “talk” to my folks almost everyday or night via videoconference, it’s not the same as getting a hug, and it’s starting to wear on her a bit. Today, for the first time, she verbalized that she missed them. So I was glad to be able to tell her they were on their way home.

And that? Is what’s up today. What’s new in YOUR world?

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3 Responses to “For the Love of H.O.M.E.”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Pammer.. Pottery Barn is dangerous no matter what the circumstances!!!
    Been following your story on your parents… so glad to know that the Swimmy is going to get some time with them soon. Hope this break is exactly what they needed to refuel and continue the process. Its so aggrivating. Keep your chin up.

  2. Leslie Says:

    Oh yeah and whats up with me…
    umm not much.. but Now I have a strange urge to go to Pottery Barn. Thanks a lot!

  3. Chris Says:

    Not much new in my neck of the woods. I agree with you about Pottery Barn. No good can come of that. Unless you’re my credit card company.