20 Weeks

March 22, 2006


Dear Wiggly,

Well, you certainly are busy. There’s a whole lotta kicking, flipping and punching going on in my abdomen and I can now predict when you will be most acrobatic….when I’m ready to go to sleep.

I saw you on an ultrasound screen a few days ago – and you were in constant motion. I’m told this is a good thing, but it makes me tired just watching you and thinking about all the “boy” energy that will enter this house in a few months. Because you are moving in a jerky, involuntary way, you kept hitting yourself in the forehead with your fist – kinda like “Damn! I knew I forgot something!” That was really cute.

You weigh 14 ounces right now and I’ve put on 5 pounds. That doesn’t sound like much, but based on what this little adventure did to me in the first trimester, I’m loving that 5 pounds.

We’re about to start getting your room ready and we’ve bought some of the bedding. People keep asking what the “theme” of your room is going to be and all I can say is “Uh, boy?” because I’m not sure what to do with it. I don’t want to do something like “sports” in case, well, you suck at them. And firetrucks or sailboat or bugs seem less than compelling. So, I think I’m going to do what we did with The Swimmy and make a boy-colored room that will grow to be your toddler room as well. As your talents and interests begin to appear, we’ll add decorations and accessories accordingly.

I showed The Swimmy the pictures from the ultrasound and she thought they were really cool. There was even one with you hitting yourself in the forehead, which she laughed out loud at repeatedly. She is starting to “get” this whole Big Sister thing and it’s funny to watch her wrestle with the concept step by step. She is fully intent on “helping” take care of you – and Dad and I are trying to support that. But we know at some point she is not going to be happy that you have invaded her house.

But don’t worry, The Swimmy is capable of extraordinary amounts of love. Just ask Dodi and Zayde who are all the way in Arkansas right now. You and The Swimmy may not always be best of siblings, but Dad and I know you will both find your way.

That’s all for now – have fun in there and we’ll see you again soon. Oh, and if you can lay off the kicking straight down during important meetings, I’d really appreciate that.



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One Response to “20 Weeks”

  1. Tina Says:

    Ah-HA! It’s a boy! I was right! I be-leeeev, I was the first to predict it right here on this very blog. You are so going to love being the mommy of a boy. It is marvelous beyond description.