Again with the exploding household members

March 17, 2006


So, yeah.

The Swimmy woke up a little worn out yesterday with an allergy attack slightly underway. She hadn’t slept well in several days, so I decided to keep her home from school and have a little “Swimmy time” together.

That plan worked well for about, oh, 3 hours.

She got hungry around 10:30 and decided she didn’t want a snack, she wanted to go ahead and eat lunch. Whatever. She wanted a peanut butter sandwich (cut in three triangles thankyouverymuch) and some juice. No problem.

We ate. We chatted. We had a nice time.

She really was doing great all morning. She’s at the age where she can play by herself for awhile and then come find me to “check on me”. And I’m cool with that because she really doesn’t like to watch a lot of TV, so her playtime is more imagination than cartoons.

She was playing a bit while I did some work when she (as usual) announced she had to go potty. And off she went. Five minutes later… she had to go again. Not unusual. She sometimes doesn’t get the #1 and #2 timing lined up.

Two minutes after that episode she went sprinting past me while grabbing her tushy into the bathroom again. Huh?

And then, she came walking out of the bathroom naked from the waist down, holding her little panties to show me what had happened. (I’ll spare you the graphic details, but needless to say, there was another color added to her pink panties.)

Ooooohhhh… ugh.

I get her (and the bathroom) cleaned up and call the pediatrician just in case so I know what I can and cannot do for this type of, uh, issue. And somewhere in this time period, I have now hurt my back – probably from having to sleep mostly on my side (as instructed by Dr. Handsome OB) which aggravates an ongoing back issue I have.

Lovely. Now I’m calling my OB to see what I can do about that because if this injury escalates any further I’ll be out of commission for many days and we’ll have a REAL problem then. Usually, I lay on a heating pad (on my back) and take some nice muscle relaxers. Not thinkin’ that’s possible with the whole “pregnant” thing…

In the meantime, The Swimmy’s gone streaking to the bathroom again and, well, completely missed the potty because she mis-timed the “urge” and underestimated the “urgency”.

Oh for the love of G-d.

Now I have to figure out how to get her (and the floor) cleaned up and I can’t really bend over. Right about then, Husband calls.

Nice timing!

I get her cleaned up (again) without doing much more damage to my back, and throw the offending towels and garments into the ever-growing pile of soiled stuff in a basket in the laundry room. I even consider putting her into a pair of Depends until she gets this potty timing down, but decide against it.

My back is not getting better, so I decide to risk it all and get the heating pad. AHhhhhhh…. Better. Not great, but better. And I’ll take all I can get.

The pediatrician calls back and says, congratulations! She has the latest stomach bug going around and it could take SEVEN DAYS to go away, so don’t be alarmed.


Eventually she gets her timing under control and things settle down a bit. But I’ve put Husband on notice about the week to come and asked him to come home early and go to the grocery store to pick up bland foods for her. He’s not happy about it because he’s really slammed at work, but makes it happen and that’s why he rocks hardcore.

And I finally get a call back from my OB and I get to take a mild muscle relaxer (woo hoo!) and lay on my back.

Some of the best news I’ve heard all day. And THAT is why I’m posting this story today instead of last night. G-d Bless Flexiril!

Oh, and I apologize for being less than responsive… my laptop has apparently gone on strike with the wireless connections and with my back hurting, sitting in a chair at my desktop was more of a challenge than I’d like. I love you people, but pain sucks.

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