The next time I have a brilliant idea? Stop me.

March 13, 2006


Uh, hi? *sheepish grin*

I’ve missed you. No, really! You look great! You’ve lost weight haven’t you? Cut your hair? New shoes? Oh. Yeah. Kinda haven’t written in awhile. Let’s just say I got into an argument with MT, I hate Dermatologists who don’t understand the difference between an “emergency” and “acne check up”, and mothers who, yet again, have no interest in disciplining their children.

There, we’re all caught up.

Remember my little house project? Well, Phase II began yesterday. ArtsyDaughter came over to help clean out her room and begin the shift to the medium-sized bedroom. And, lo, it didn’t take until July, as we had suspected. And The Swimmy was thrilled to spend some time with her and, of course, “help”.

But why am I an idiot, you ask? Because at 7:45am I decided that I needed to get those three new rosebushes I ordered into the ground. You know, before it got too hot. Right. Now, here’s the problem… I haven’t exercised in, oh, seven months. And did I mention I was pregnant? And have a nasty little back injury problem? Let’s just say the backs of my legs are SCREAMING at me and my back is no longer part of my fan club.

But? 3 rosebushes are now planted and one very large room is cleared out and ready for scrubbing (Phase III) and carpet cleaning (Phase IV) and, eventually, painting (Phase V). Gah.

So, next up will be Phases VI through CCCXVII. But, I’m thinking this plan may need to be altered slightly. For physical therapy. And perhaps a nap.

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One Response to “The next time I have a brilliant idea? Stop me.”

  1. Tina Says:

    Sorry about your legs and that you can’t really take any good drugs or drinks for it.