Genetics. Totally Genetics.

March 7, 2006


Tonight at dinner, both Husband and I kept a close eye on our respective Blackberry devices (Well, his is blue. Mine is black. This will become important momentarily). His goes off non-stop because that’s the kind of office he works with. I waited for mine to go off to alert me that I needed to make MORE budget cuts and the re-budgeted budget I submitted was STILL too high.

(no news yet)

Mine went off while eating and I was compelled to go get it and see what Very Important Message was waiting for me. The result went something like this:


Me: Shit.

Husband: Dear! [tilts head towards The Swimmy who has stopped eating her pasta to mull over the new vocabulary word]

Me: Sorry. *scrolls to read the Not Important Message.*

Swimmy: Mommy, is that your Blackberry?

Me: Yes, Boo Boo, it is.

Swimmy: Mommy, can you buy me a PinkBerry?

[Husband and I nod in complete, logical Swimmy understanding]

All who saw that response coming, raise your hands!

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3 Responses to “Genetics. Totally Genetics.”

  1. bill Says:

    Me, me! I want a CrackBerry, too!

  2. Tina Says:

    Yes, I saw the “could you buy me” coming and the “in pink of course!” coming as well. If I had a little girl we would be flat broke, but so decked out in pink!

  3. Rebecca Says:

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