A Small Sunday Bitching

February 26, 2006


You know what sucks? I’ll tell you. I’m share-y that way.

What sucks is doing an amnio and then having to go home and rest for 24 hours and worry about the after-effects-risks of the test… while having a raging head cold. And stomache issues from all the stress and head drainage and Sudafed. And maybe a few bad food choices.


Not enjoying the laying in bed. I’ve decided if I was ever (G-d forbid) put on bedrest I’d go insane on, ohhhh, day 2.

But have to say, Husband is a trooper. (Hi!) MILtastic even schlepped over here yesterday to entertain The Swimmy for a couple of hours because G-d knows I’ve run out of entertainment value. But The Swimmy has been really good about understanding that I am basically trapped in this bed. I seem to be getting lots of sweet hugs and kisses on my forehead.

And that? Works better than Sudafed.

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2 Responses to “A Small Sunday Bitching”

  1. Tina Says:

    You know? You always think you’d enjoy a day of lazing around in bed, but then when you get one under orders? No so much. Thank Whomever for HGTV and laptops. I trust it well and expect good results for you.

  2. bill Farrell Says:

    Hey, you should have been camping with us. Nice soft ground, coyotes to sing you to sleep, birds chirping at dawn and Cowboy Coffee. Your little Scout would have loved it!