Gettin' Snippy With It

February 23, 2006


Mom, Dad and I were chatting the other day while The Swimmy played (what else?) princess stuff on the floor. We were talking about my amnio appointment when it suddenly occurred to me that there might need to be plans made. And those plans would have to be planned WAAAAY in advance.

Let me clarify.

I am due somewhere around August 7th. I am going to have a C-Section, so we’ll know exactly what day Wiggly will arrive. I’m planny that way. OldestDaughter and The Boy have moved their wedding date up to September 9th (which is a story too long and convoluted to go into). This means I’ll have roughly a 4 or 5 week old around the time of the wedding. Good times.

Now. If Wiggly is a boy, we will need to have a bris (circumsion) on the eighth day after he’s born. The problem is not so much the speed in getting this done, it’s the person, or moyel [moil], who would be doing it.

You see, this person doesn’t have a great track record of uneventful snipping. In fact, one friend of mine’s son had to have several “reconstructive” surgeries on her son’s penis due to this guy’s, uh, skillz.

So! We won’t be using HIM! The only rules about these events are that it is done by a Jewish man on the eighth day. So, I talked with my friend who suggested we use a (Jewish) pediatric urologist at a local children’s hospital. We can do it in his office with the rabbi present and our immediate family. No problem. I can pull that off.

(Side note and more parentheses: My friend recommended this doctor because he was the one who fixed her first son’s issues and used him for her second son’s bris in lieu of Mr. Scissorhands-owitz. When I asked how he is she replied – and I quote – “He penis looks awesome!” How could I NOT use this guy?!)

Here’s where it gets a little schedule-y. Usually these things are big, fun, friends and family filled events at someone’s home or the temple. If we do it privately, we would then choose to have a “naming” ceremony with the larger group. So, yay! Fun!

BUT! Now we need to plan for a naming ceremony some time after the eighth day and before it gets too close to the wedding weekend because the turmoil that will surround that is enough to deal with.

Even at eight days old, it’s amazing how much mayhem a little penis can cause.

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4 Responses to “Gettin' Snippy With It”

  1. Em Says:

    Oh, poor little penis. This is starting to remind me of a certain Seinfeld episode (which I’m sure you’ve already realized, right?) I guess you probably should get to “plann-y” about the festivities yet … you don’t even know if he’s a boy yet. I say relax and let someone else handle it! HA. I’m sure that things will turn out super!!! Good luck with appt, also.

  2. Tina Says:

    Yes, I had a planned C-section too, only Sean had other plans and came six weeks early. So much for plans.
    I remember being amused in the pediatricians office when I took Sean in for his first checkup. The doctor leaned in and admired his circumcism and then called in a nurse to look at it. too. Some see art, others just see a circumcized penis.

  3. bill Says:

    And some name them Art.

  4. Kristi Says:

    Even at eight days, don’t let him hear you calling it a “little” penis. That might scar him for life!