Head, Shoulders, Knees and JEEZ!

February 21, 2006


Dear Wiggly,

I have no idea what your pointy elbows, knees, feet and ass look like right now, but I’m pretty damn sure their pointy. And that little speedy ricochet dance you like to do after I ingest anything sweet (which, it seems, is regularly now) – is kinda not falling in the “Cute, Tickly” category.

So, I’ll make a deal with you, I’ll keep the sweet tooth under control, and you be a little more careful with the swimming and pointy-ness. Capiche?

Oh, and when Dr. Handsome jabs a needle into your swimming pool on Friday? Just wave and stay out of the way, please. I promise I’ll go home and rest and share some Rainbow Sherbert with you. And then you can resume the internal zooming for a bit.

See you on Friday.



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