Bubbly corrective action

February 21, 2006


The Swimmy is having a hard time understanding a little concept called “The Truth”. It’s not that she is maliciously lying, it’s just that she doesn’t seem to understand that answering a question with a lie can have consequences. Here is an example:

Me: Did you brush your teeth.

Her: Yes. [Brings her little teeth over for me to smell.]

Me: Did you rinse off your toothbrush and rinse your mouth?

Her: Yes.

Me: Are you telling me the truth?

Her: No.

So. This type of exchange has been happening a bit too frequently for my taste lately and I believe I will be taking the following, predictable steps:

1. Purchase The Boy Who Cried Wolf and read it to her until her head explodes.

2. Monitor the lying carefully.

3. Buy a bar of Ivory soap in preparation for Phase II of this little intervention.

Yes, that’s right. The Swimmy will either have to bite soap or get her little mouth washed out with it. I roll old school on these things. Better to try to nip this in the bud on the little lies than have to deal with it unchecked and let it progress to the larger ones.

I prefer to parent with a nice cocktail of love, education by example, guilt and a physically memorable experience. I distinctly remember this experience as a child. (Maybe that’s why I don’t use Ivory soap now? Well, that, or it’s because I lose a layer of skin whenever I use it.)

I figure she’s got two options after this lesson: (1) Think twice about lying and decide against it, or (2) get a whole lot better at it.

Taking any bets?

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2 Responses to “Bubbly corrective action”

  1. Tina Says:

    A princess never lies. Accessorizes the truth maybe, but lie? Never.

  2. e Says:

    Good lord, I remember the first time I ever had my mouth washed out with soap. I bubbled for ages afterward and swore blind I’d never lie again.
    But of course, THAT was a lie…