Because Princess training starts when you're young

February 19, 2006


The Swimmy was invited to a birthday party this weekend for one of her school friends. It was at a place that specializes in little girl fantasy parties. For this party, eight little girls got to dress up like princesses and get their hair and makeup done — never mind the fancy shoes, sparkly tiaras and jewelry to choose from!

Below are some pictures from The Swimmy’s adventure. You just have to see it to believe it.

Yasmeen bday party Feb 2006 012.jpg

The perfect pink dress is chosen.

Yasmeen bday party Feb 2006 016.jpg

Getting Princess Purdy for the Party.

Yasmeen bday party Feb 2006 009.jpg

Ok. MY dining table doesn’t look this nice.

Yasmeen bday party Feb 2006 008.jpg

But, my G-d how can you resist this, the most Princess-y Princess of them all? If I could figure out a way to bottle her eyelashes (now sparkly with pink sparkles), I’m pretty sure I could make a gafrillion dollars.

Her dad? Has NO chance.

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9 Responses to “Because Princess training starts when you're young”

  1. Emmers Says:

    So freakin ADORABLE!! What an interesting idea for little girls’ parties. I so wish adults were this creative when I was little. 🙂 She’s a gem. Good luck in ten years! 🙂

  2. Sara Says:

    This is the girliest-girl thing ever! But I love it, somehow. So sweet and she looks very happy. The greatest part is that, even with the “make-up”, she still looks like a little girl and not pageant-scary, you know?
    You are right — dad is sunk!

  3. Marcia Says:

    what a BEAUTIFUL little girl! And I want her dress, her shoes, her professional makeup job….

  4. Tina Says:

    Hmmm, loves accessories. Wonder where she gets it?? I could use a princess day myself.

  5. hardtoimagine Says:

    The Swimmy looks gorgeous! What a fun idea for a party!

  6. Karen Says:

    Ohmigosh those eyelashes! So beautiful! And what a fun party! How come I missed out at the princess parties when I was four?

  7. Chris Says:

    Awwww. Just, awww 😉 Freakin’ cute.

  8. ArtsyDaughter Says:

    Okay Pam … it’s kinda creepy how much she look like you. And she is my YOUNGER sister, she is not allowed to wear make up until she is 18. =X She can’t grow up … because that means I’m growing up to … and I’m quite happy at 20 …