February 16, 2006


I am a car person. Meaning, I prefer to drive more performance-oriented cars. I probably got this from my dad. Growing up, it was his car that I learned to drive on, and his car that was shared with me to use. He made me learn how to drive a stick because he was buying a stick-shift car and if I wanted to go anywhere, that was the car that would get me there. And so, I became Maria Andretti-berg.

The car I have now is not a typical “mom” car. It’s a sedan, but a sports sedan. I picked it out, negotiated the deal, and convinced Husband to make this deal with two days notice.

And now? Two years later? I’ve discovered something about the car that’s driving me insane.

It’s loud.

I can hear the wind, the road, the rattling sun shade, the gears shifting. Everything. Loud was never a problem before. But now, with all the things going on in my life and the fact that my car is just an extension of my office and I am forever on my cell speakerphone, Loud is bad.

I am starting to crave quiet. Silence. The ability to hear the background of Miles Davis’ Doorbell. A clear head.

For the love of G-d can I just get some crickets?

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2 Responses to “Zoom-averse”

  1. jen Says:

    Maria Andretti-berg! wooo hahaa!
    I went through the same thing. My little sports car was loud and it started to make me crazy. So, I bought an SUV that suits our lifestyle (we camp, canoe, bike and fish on a regular basis, plus have baby on the way), but its a super charged, special edition, and when you hit the gas, she GOES. I LOVE it.

  2. Tina Says:

    When you have a five year old AND an infant strapped in, it won’t seem so loud. By comparison. Really.