It Never Fails

February 10, 2006


A week and a half ago, it was 75 degrees here. SPRING, people! The garden stores didn’t know what to do with themselves. I even went looking for roses. But I found out they won’t be in until March.

So, I did the next best thing: I went shopping for Spring Swimmy Clothes! I went to four stores and came home with the MOST adorable skirts, dresses and all-around cute “Spring Is Here, Bitches!” outfits.

And today? It is pouring rain and by Sunday the high will be 50.

It is now as if all these cute clothes are lying around taunting me. The Swimmy is in the middle of (yet another) growth spurt and I was hoping that Spring had arrived early and she could, oh, start wearing some clothes that actually FIT her.


And now I’m on a mad search for a photographer to take a special 5 year old portrait. I even found two lovely dresses on my spree that would work for the kind of picture I’m envisioning. Why a mad search you say? Well, it appears The Swimmy may have her first loose tooth and I don’t want her to have some gaping hole in the front of her mouth for this picture.

(And, yes, it’s a little early, but she got all her teeth really early and apparently the “overachieving gene” is kicking in all over the place.)

Good timing, it is not always my thing.

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One Response to “It Never Fails”

  1. Tina Says:

    I can never resist looking at the little girls clothes when I’m shopping for Sean. So many adorable things. There are 10 racks of girls clothes for every one rack of boys things – which is equivalent to the closet I share with my husband. And as for the weather thing? Blame me. I packed away my sweaters last week when it was 78 since I hadn’t worn any of them all winter. Happens every year. I certainly hope you will post that fabulous picture when it’s done, tooth or no tooth.