Freudian slips? Or predictions for fun and prizes!

February 1, 2006


It appears that trying to guess what the sex of Wiggly could be a game. And so? Now it is! I will give you the following information and you Internets can crunch away at the information and apply all kinds of physics theories and old wives tales to it to see what the little one may be.

Here is what I know – and for those of you who have been following along on this little adventure, some of this may be repetitive:

My skin looks the best it ever has

Crushing nausea the entire damn first trimester — almost no eating for awhile

Only sort of tired during the day

Life-altering constipation

Meat, meat, meat and more meat. And also? Peanut butter.

Everyone seems to be calling Wiggly a “he” when they refer to him/her

NO fruit, milk, fish, shrimp or chicken

NO spicy foods (which totally pisses me off)

Some ice cream (strawberry preferred, but not great)

Just now getting an interest in sweets again – but limited

No heartburn to speak of

Not terribly weepy (except for severe situations)

Official due date: August 7th (this will not be the actual birth date, though)

My age: 35

Husband’s age: 51

I know I can’t have it, but if I COULD, I’d REALLY love to have a glass of wine. White preferably, which is not usually the case. I’m a Red Girl.

Okay! That’s it. Now it’s YOUR turn! Any guesses? Comment away! The winners will get, uh, something – which I will now begin to work on…hmmm…

And, yes, I will tell you the correct answer. I am NOT one of those “Oh we want to be surprised because when do you ever get to have such a wonderful surprise when you’re an adult” kind of people. I am much more a “By G-d what color paint am I buying and I need to get my head wrapped around the idea of either girly-girl issues or little-boy rambunctiousness” kind of chick.

But you knew that, huh?

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9 Responses to “Freudian slips? Or predictions for fun and prizes!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I don’t really have any reasons….
    I just think girl.

  2. Hazel Hazel Says:

    totally one of each. :-O

  3. Pixie Says:

    totally a BOY.

  4. Diana Says:

    What I need to know is, what do YOU think it is?
    I say boy – or rambunctious girl…I am so torn – okay…BOY!!

  5. stephanie Says:

    Boy, but only based on the crushing nausea thing b/c my cousin couldn’t eat for months and is having a boy. Plus, you’ve got three girls already… mix it up! 🙂

  6. Mindy Says:

    I’m guessing girl, only because my cousin had a boy and drank mylanta like it was going out of style. Then she had a girl and had no problem.

  7. Bret Says:

    I’m leaning strongly “boy” but the strawberry ice cream is troubling. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    Also, as you well know, they’re still sometimes wrong, despite the technology. Which of course in turn engenders a lot of confidence in the whole process. “We’re pretty certain this thingy is inflamed and needs to be removed. Either that, or you had a burrito for lunch. We’ll know for sure after we slice it out.”

  8. Jet Says:

    If you conceived in December the baby will be a boy. If you conceived in January the baby will be a girl. I know this because of the Chinese Calendar. It is never wrong……

  9. jen Says:

    I am sooo interested to know what it is, as my symptoms are the TOTAL (for the most part anyway) opposite of yours!!
    My skin! Holy Crap. I look like I am 13 again.
    I had NO nausea until last week, and it floored me. It is gone now though.
    Tiredness? It was awful. All I did the first trimester was SLEEP. Seriously, 16 hours a day at least. I just could NOT function.
    Unfortunately… I am with you on the constipation.
    I cannot eat meat, or peanut butter..normally two of my most favorite things! SO not fair.
    Everyone refers to it as ‘He’ …
    I have been eating a LOT of fruit, milk and chicken.
    And spicy! There is this little Mexican hole in the wall, I eat there at LEAST 2 times a week. They have explosive hot sauces….
    Terribly weepy….
    I am 32, hubby is 36
    And I cannot even think about alcohol of any sort…makes me gag.
    Have you heard about the Drano test??