Culinary Mental Gymnastics

January 23, 2006


Okay, it’s no secret that I’ve been wrestling with a non-stop biological duet of nausea and constipation with Wiggly-to-be. In the vein of “I’m really sick and tired of this and now declare that I will no longer be a victim of biological functions!”, I tried very hard to overcome these issues. By playing a game.

The game is called “Run through your mental rolodex of favorite foods until ONE of them sounds good enough to either (a) eat or, (b) consider cooking.” It needs a shorter title, I know.

And so, as I sat on the couch next to Husband, I tried. Hard. I tried Hard, damnit. I covered every food group, every possible combination, favorite restaurant dishes, favorite cookbook recipes, even desserts. And got? NOTHING.

You know how they say that smell is the most powerful sense? Well, I have this uncanny ability to picture a food in my head and smell it (eventhough it’s not right in front of me). Usually? An awesome talent that I thoroughly enjoy. Now? Awful. Just awful.

This is starting to move beyond annoying and into downright bad. I’ve lost seven pounds in my first trimester – LOST. And, at the risk of bringing the wrath of the Internet down uponst me, I really was in no position to be losing seven pounds. And now? SO frustrated that I can’t seem to gain them back and, well, enjoy food.

It’s a love hate thing now. And I? Would love to not hate this right now. Bah.

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