Then and Now

January 17, 2006


12 weeks! It’s a fetus!

I had an OB appointment today and our first “real” ultrasound. Eventhough I’m a TechWhore, I don’t seem to own a scanner, so I can’t show you the very bad quality ultrasound picture, but I can tell you that the little one was all kinds of wiggly and is just fine. And thus, the first nickname is donned: Wiggly.

I won’t say I wasn’t excited about the ultrasound, it’s just that it’s not a new experience. I’ve done this before (obviously) and the mystery and “holy shitness” of the moment is kinda, well, less this time around.

I thought.

When I saw Wiggly live and in action, it was cool. And? A rare moment of pure happiness. It was like before. And Husband was equally as freaked out as he was with The Swimmy. Isn’t he the cutest?

I’ve tried to keep a running list of things that are the same or different with this pregnancy than with The Swimmy. But I either fell asleep or got nauseated and never finished. I will attempt to do that now in what, I’m sure, will be the first of many Biological Adventure entries.


Listy-list style

With the Swimmy

Little nausea, but crushing tiredness

Fruit, fruit, fruit and more fruit

Then milk, milk, milk and more milk and ice cream by the gallon

No meat or chicken

TONS of sushi and wasabi

TONS of spicy foods

Way too nervous to have sex

With Wiggly

Crushing nausea, sort of tired

Life-altering constipation

Almost no eating for awhile

Meat, meat, meat and more meat

NO fruit, milk, fish, shrimp or chicken

NO spicy foods

Some ice cream (strawberry preferred, but not great)

Way too nauseated to have sex

Whew. Bring on the second trimester.

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4 Responses to “Then and Now”

  1. Tina Says:

    With all the carnivorous cravings, I’m thinking it’s a boy. That just my opinion. I could be wrong….

  2. Sara Says:

    Wow! Congratulations, I am behind for sure. Hope you find some relief to your nausea. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t look at orange things(?) and ate very little the 1st trimester. The only thing that really makes “sense” about the pains of pregnancy are the rewards that follow — even the simple bedtime story and head on the shoulder make everything worth it. I’ll be checking in more frequently from now on!

  3. Pixie Says:

    Congrats on seeing Wiggly on screen. Ultrasounds have to be one of the greatest inventions ever (next to the internet/computer of course. lol)
    You know, I’d make a comment on the gender of Wiggly, but even after having three of my own, I still suck at those old wives’ things. I thought my second son was a girl and I was absolutely positive that my daughter was going to be my third son. HA!

  4. bill Says:

    If you have a real craving for fish, water with salt and you hear bells it’s a sure sign you’ll have a buoy.