My Hubsand. The Best.

January 15, 2006


Tomorrow Husband starts his newest adventure (career-wise). He is returning to work with some of his original partners in his previous career. I guess that makes this a new, old job.

This was a difficult transition for him to make because he left this firm when we got married to work with my family (on my request, for a variety of reasons). Usually, this is a recipe for disaster. I won’t say the past 10 years were all hugs and smooth sailing, but it wasn’t awful either. And he genuinely loves my dad. But when this latest opportunity showed up, it was something we had to consider seriously.

After many (MANY!) hours of discussion, he made the decision to leave and rejoin his partners. It is an exciting opportunity for him, and I am glad he has something like this available to him.

Part of the MANY! discussions we had were around the change in lifestyle this will mean. Husband will go from being 10 minutes from his office to having to deal with a commute. He will not be able to take The Swimmy or pick her up from school as often. He will be traveling a bit. And we will miss him a bit.

On the upside, it means more money, the opportunity to be debt free in a somewhat reasonable amount of time, and to start planning for other, more diverse investments. (Or you know, like, actually have some.)

My Husband is the best. He is the most devoted father and husband I could have ever asked for. And he’s done so much for so many people. Things some people don’t even know about and wouldn’t appreciate if they did. (In my family there are some unbelievable examples.) And I try not to be a demanding wife (again, more unbelievable examples), but the beginning of this pregnancy has been really awful and I’ve not been at all helpful around the house… and he? hasn’t really complained.

The best.

We both see awful examples of other people’s decisions every day and it never ceases to strike home with us just how lucky we are. And these are things I know:

I know I am blessed to have him.

I know that he would make any sacrifice for our family.

I know that he already has.

I know that he will always make the right decision. Even if he makes a mistake.

I know that he has made me be a better person.

I know that I am so thrilled for him to have this wonderful opportunity that I will do whatever it takes for him to be successful. Nausea and all.

I only hope he knows I know all this.

I love you, Deart. Play nice in the sandbox tomorrow. Remember Please and Thank you. Share. And? Flush.

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4 Responses to “My Hubsand. The Best.”

  1. Pixie Says:

    Congratulations and Good Luck to your husband! (well, the whole family!)
    And I hope he listens closely to what you told him… a floater on his first day at work could lead to embarassment for the rest of his career. ROFL

  2. Tina Says:

    What a nice tribute to your fella. Nothing sexier than a woman in love with her husband. Even when she is throwing up in the morning…

  3. Mindy Says:

    Congrats to hubby! I hope things go well for him and you.

  4. artsydaughter Says:

    I think that it is kind of funny how you used to have to deal with the commute and dad was always close by, and now it switched. Just thought that I would point that out … back to studying!