180 Degrees of Shopping

January 7, 2006


I convinced Husband to go shopping today. See, usually, I get to do all that. But for the bigger things, like suits, he must join me because I never know how something is going to fit and I am NOT into returning and exchanging. It annoys me.

And so today’s challenge? A tuxedo.

Yes, a tuxedo. We have a few black-tie events to attend this year and, oh yeah, a WEDDING, and it just makes financial sense to finally suck it up and buy one. Plus, it grosses me out to think of him wearing pants where someone else’s “boys” have been, regardless of any boxer coverage on his part. Bowling shoes are one thing. Someone’s testicles? A whole other story.

Well, I thought I’d be slick and find one on sale, but apparently the only tuxes on sale are the ones that are too trendy to invest in, or too Vegas to think about owning. (I actually saw one today that had sparkles on it. And this was a hoity-toity department store, folks. SPARKLES.)

So, we bummed around killing time and then headed back towards our house for lunch. But, again, we had some time to kill. So Husband asks where I want to go for a few minutes…

“Hmmm… I know! The gun shop!”

“What?! Really?”

“Yes. Really.”

And off we went (Swimmy, too). And, yes, there is a gun shop on the way to my house. Texas. Hello?!

Husband grew up hunting and shooting and I have begged (BEGGED!) him to teach me to shoot for years. I don’t want to hunt, but I would love to shoot skeet or do groovy marksman stuff with a rifle.

(Let me be clear about something, I am NOT into HANDGUNS. There is nothing sporting about handguns.)

I tried a few and checked out some prices and the Swimmy wanted to try, too. I am a big proponent of women knowing how to shoot. I have also been very vocal with Husband about him teaching all the girls how to shoot. It’s a skill they should have as well as respect for the power of a gun, why you hunt, and the proper etiquette in hunting.

And so, the hunt is on for one of the family guns for me to start learning on (no pun intended). And, when the time is right, The Swimmy. BestFriendWendy in Chicago just had a heart attack reading this, I’m sure (Hi!)… as did my parents (Hi!).

I can’t wait to see what kind of Google searches find this entry. Tuxedos and hunting. Yeah, this oughta be good.

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2 Responses to “180 Degrees of Shopping”

  1. Tina Says:

    What’s the problem? In Texas, guns are a fashion accessory and more useful than a cumberbund (which is probably spelled wrong.)

  2. Foo Says:

    When I Googled for ‘tuxedos hunting’, all I found was a bunch of activist sites about penguin poaching.
    Don’t bother looking; I made that up.
    Tina: It’s ‘cummerbund’. Etymology: Hindi kamarband, from Persian, from kamar (waist) + band (band).
    I know: TMI.