And a child shall lead me

December 24, 2005


The Swimmy is having a little trouble understanding all the different holidays she keeps hearing about these days… some people celebrate Christmas, some Kwanzaa, and we celebrate Hanukah. We’re doing the best we can, but there is one thing she’s taken to heart, and that’s that there are many kids in the world who aren’t as lucky as she is to have such a wonderful family, home and things.

We have a nightly tucking in routine that we both enjoy. She crawls into bed, we talk a little bit about the day, and we say a simple little prayer that she can understand, “G-d Bless Swimmy, and all of our friends and family, and keep them safe and happy and healthy. Amen.” After that I ask her if she has any “Special Blessings” and she sometimes gives a special blessing to a little sick friend at school, a favorite family member, or, on occasion, a special cartoon character or toy.

Tonight, we again talked about how tomorrow is Hanukah and how wonderful it will be to be with friends and family and get presents, but we should remember all the children who don’t have that opportunity. She immediately said she wanted to pick out some toys of her own to give to the children so they wouldn’t be sad. Which? Made my heart explode.

And then! She was so taken by the spirit of giving, that she said she would give away our dog, The Pfluftagus so that our silly dog could make some kids feel better. She didn’t even think twice about how sad she might feel or how much she might miss the dog. I told her that we could most definitely pick out some toys to give away, but we would keep the dog because she is part of our family.

It wasn’t until then that a gazillion conflicting emotions filled her newly teary eyes. You could just see the mask of “Oh, no! I want to help the poor kids, but I don’t WANT to give away my PUPPY!” And? What was left of my heart melted.

I assured her it was fine, we wouldn’t give The Pfluftagus away, and not to worry, we would help the kids in a different way.

I was so struck at how selfless she was… All she wanted to do was make the kids’ lives better. She gave freely, with glee! And I hope she always does.

Here’s to all the folks who deserve some special blessings tonight:

* My dear friend who lost her grandmother. And her terrific mom who lost her mother.

* An incredible man who is manning the trauma center at a local hospital on Christmas Eve.

* MILtastic and JackTabulous who are on their way home from a whirlwind adventure. May they travel safely.

* My wonderful parents. If only there were words bigger than Thank You and I Love You.

* My amazing Husband…”somewhere in my childhood, I must have done something good.”

G-d Bless you, and all of our friends and family, and keep them safe and happy and healthy. Amen.

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