I wonder what the ransom note would say…

December 19, 2005


Hi. Notice the lack of posts lately? Yeah, me, too. My blog is being held hostage by my life. There is so much happening that I would love to write about, but? I can’t.

So. Much. It. Sucks.

(Not my life. The whole no-writing thing.)

But, soon? Lots to say I hope.

In the meantime, it’s six days of shopping left and I am still short some presents. I am desperately trying to complete my list without having to venture into the “busy” part of the city. I don’t have the energy or patience for that. I think I can pull it off.

In other non-stimulating reading news, my dog has another week before she gets her haircut and a bath. And that’s a week too long, my friends. Whew.

As I seem to be running thin on things to write about these days, I’ll pass the floor to you guys, groovy Internets! I am now taking requests – or questions! I promise to do my best to be intelligent, funny, sharp and pretty. Or some combination that may or may not resemble that. You can comment or use the cute email link on the top-left.

So! What would you like to know?

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One Response to “I wonder what the ransom note would say…”

  1. Pixie Says:

    hmm… I’d just like to know if you can actually cut your dog’s nails…. because our pug goes apeshit if she even sees the clippers coming towards her claws. i seriously think she’s competing with freddie krueger (sp?)