Here we go again.

November 17, 2005


Yep. Tomorrow Husband, Swimmy and I are off to Nashville for a family event. And, again, we have to get on a plane.


This time? Less anxiety because we have proven that the Swimmy can fly with no problems and be properly distracted and amused the whole time. All hail the portable DVD player, Triaminic Cough & Cold and Lifesavers candy. Amen.

However, me? Totally unprepared. I have left and come back home so many times this month (including this WEEK) that the suitcases haven’t been put away and we’ve only gone to the grocery store once.

AND I’ve got 18 for Thanksgiving next week. Which is totally okay because I finally convinced my family that NO one eats turkey in our family and can we PLEASE eat something we all like…. Like… barbecue! And so, the barbecue order is being placed today. (Another thing I must do) I’ve saved a turkey’s life, but many cows and pigs will now suffer at my hands. Perhaps the President can pardon a cow and pig as well this year – you know, for us untraditional folk? Anyhoo…

All this can make a girl weary.

I am so mentally unprepared to go on this trip tomorrow with the laundry and the schlepping and the packing that still needs to be done. And I’m fairly certain I used my last working brain cell at the leadership retreat this week.

And now, another parenthetical pause.

(Which, for those of you, like me, that are “recovering consultants”, was awesome. Very well done, focused, relaxed, action-oriented and great. And I’m not sucking up on the Internet because my boss now has this blog address either! No, really, I’m not.)

And so, Internets, before I sign off yet again for a day or so, I need a dessert recipe that goes with barbecue. I’ve got a chocolate-toffee-pecan pie that I make (which? Is just sinful. And? Totally rocks), but I need a complimentary non-chocolate dessert. Any suggestions?

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