Lunatic moments at the beach.

November 15, 2005


Well, it had to happen, I just had the timing wrong (I’m slipping in my old age). I had to be at the hotel for the meetings at 9am so I wisely left at 7:30am – the traffic here sucks and on any given day a moronic driver can cause all hell to break loose with the silliest of actions. Like stalling the car on the freeway.

Thus, the extra padding on travel time.

However, given my stomach’s tendencies to revolt at inopportune moments, the extra padding is also to allow for an episode on the way to any destination.

Today’s event? A Jack in the Box not 10 minutes from my house. And there goes the padding.

Cut to me speeding down the freeways to make up for lost time, screeching into a parking space, racing into the hotel (where the first face I see is my CEO) and up the elevators – with 3 minutes to spare!

And, did I mention that BREAKFAST started at 9am – the MEETINGS started at 10am?! Yeah, I’m smooth like that. Well, the upside is that I made it.

And while I’m at it, please welcome my boss to this site – because in what could have been a moment of complete lunacy, I told him about it. Hi! Welcome!

Actually, we were discussing my other project, mothersvoice, but since both sites link to each other, well, my life, times and favorite vocabulary are now revealed. For those of you just joining our little cocktail party, feel free to explore the sidebar and see what mothersvoice is all about.

I’m off to mix and mingle – happy Tuesday everyone.

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