heart. break. ing.

November 15, 2005


I’m out of town. The first time I’ve been away from home (sans Husband or Swimmy) in months. MONTHS. It’s one night. ONE, people.

I promise The Swimmy that I will call her at 8pm to tell her goodnight and I love her. Tonight, my dinner ran a few minutes late and I called at 8:15pm to tell her goodnight and Husband says she’s tucked in, but he’ll go get her.

He doesn’t have to go far because she had heard the phone ring and came sprinting from across the house into our room in the hopes it was me on the phone.

So how do you reduce me to tears? Tell me, “I love you, Mommy. And I hope you come home soon,” in a wee voice full of happiness that I called, sadness that I’m not there, braveness in the hopes I will think you are a Big Girl and wistfulness of having to go back to bed and think about waiting until tomorrow to see me.

Good night, Swimmy. I love you. Lila Tov.

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