Reagan, Return of the Jedi and Ride, Sally Ride and My Bat Mitzvah

November 13, 2005


1983. It was a very good year. And I had very 1983 type of day today. Really, it was all a bunch of flashbacks and “Oh, YEAH! I remember THAT!” all day today.

First, ArtsyDaughter and I went to a ginormous Holiday Market shopping extravaganza where I had no interest in any of the Christmas decorations, but came home with a gagillion dollars worth of gourmet food from all over the country that I wait all year to buy. Here, let me tease you:

Two smoked beef tenderloins (these should last all of 2 days in my house)

Boxes of white chocolate flavored hot chocolate powder (I could I.V. this stuff)

An eggplant-spinach-artichoke dip (I could eat this with a spoon. A serving spoon.)

Artichoke-olive-mushroom tapenade (over warm brie = orgasmic)

But on one of the aisles, tucked in between yet another silver jewelry / monogrammed pillowcase / Brighton distributor and a sparkly-spinning Christmas decorations booth was a lone table, a guy and a microphone selling… Squirmels. Circa 1983.

Anyone remember Squirmels? The little furry worm-like creature that was attached to a piece of invisible fishing wire that when pulled, acted like a real squiggly worm? Well the guy who was demonstrating the new improved Squirmels was awesome and I was, well, riveted. It was squirmin’, it was dancin’, it was jumpin’ – and I was hooked.

Hooked to the tune of 5 for $30 dollars.

I know. I’m an idiot. An idiot with 5 Squirmels.

That’s okay. The Swimmy is ENDLESSLY entertained with the new “Wormity” in the house. And, in yet another 1983 moment, I got to sing along with Stevie Wonder to “Overjoyed” on the way home on a somewhat nice day.

And tonight? I am watching the Saturday Night Live in the 80s retrospective while killing time before Grey’s Anatomy…which his now on and I am so done writing. Because Patrick Dempsey? Is dreamier now than he was in the ‘80s. Much dreamier.

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