I need a bath book

November 11, 2005


I’ve read 3 books in 5 days. This is a personal best for me. I’m not really a consistent “reader” because I tend to fall asleep when I read, so the only time I really get a chance to do it is on a plane, in the bathtub (a favorite luxury) or potty (hey, chicks like some quiet, too).

As a pre-New Year’s resolution, I’m thinking of trying to keep up the momentum, but am WAAAY out of the loop on what’s a good read right now. (I don’t think, “Hey, that’s a pretty / cool / scary cover” is the right criteria).

Here’s a list of semi-recent books I’ve read (in no particular order):

The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger

The Washingtonienne, Jessica Cutler

The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, Joshua Braff

The Red Tent, Anita Diamant

The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Dr. Laura Schlessinger

The Butcher’s Theater, Jonathan Kellerman

A Girl Named Zippy, Haven Kimmel

And so, Internets, what would you recommend I pick up next? (PLEASE no, Grisham, Follett or Clancy)

I’m all ears, er, eyes.

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One Response to “I need a bath book”

  1. Sara Says:

    I’ve recently enjoyed:
    The Time Traveller’s Wife
    Bee Season
    The Handmaid’s Tale
    And…now that I’m in Grad School, my “for fun” reading has been whittled down to magazines like InStyle (maybe I should concerned about that one?) and Everyday Food. I also love Bust and Bitch (magazines). I am, however, rereading Pride and Prejudice and a great biography of Jane Austen.
    How did you like Washingtonienne? I’ve wanted to check that out.