Chicago PicturePalooza

November 8, 2005


Okay, I promised pictures and pictures you shall get. First up: The Cuteness and a wacky socializing experiment. This is The Swimmy and her new friend, Jessica… and their dresses. This is basically what they looked all weekend. From the moment they woke up until us mommies told them they had to take them off for bedtime. Again, all princess, all the time.

Chicago November 2005 014.jpg

The Swimmy and Jessica were part of BestFriendWendy’s and my little experiment of turning “only kids” into “mock siblings” by having them together 24/7 for four straight days. And sharing a bedroom. And everything else.

And they did great. There were only a few meltdowns, all of which were manageable. But we learned some things. Very Important Things. Apparently it’s bad if there is (a) only one Princess spoon to eat with, (b) only one movie at a time, and (3) there is no nap. We also learned that the “good cop / bad cop” routine is REALLY effective when there are FOUR parents involved and, sometimes, your kids listen to someone else’s mommy or daddy but not you. And we, as captive parents, were totally fine with that.

Somewhere on Day 3 I realized that there were four parents trying to herd and referee two kids, and doing okay, but man we were tired. You see, on Day 3 they hit critical mass and it was a bit rough. We would get to afternoon naptime and think, “Man! We’ve done a LOT today.” But, really? Notsomuch. We were just tired from being parents of two active and expressive girls in princess dresses. (Did I mention the princess dresses?)

The funniest part was having them sleep in the same room. They stayed up talking WAAY up past their bedtimes and BestFriendWendy and I listened to the baby monitor and laughed openly at them. We just kept wondering what the hell an almost 3 year old and a 4 ½ year old could possibly be talking about!? HOW do they have so much to say?! Were they discussing the latest Supreme Court nominee? The benefits of a flat tax? Boxers or briefs? Needless to say they were a wee bit tired the next day. But slept REALLY well the next night.

And the cutest? They were both a bit sad when we left. And, really? Me, too.

Next up: The Most Amazing Infant Ever

This is Lindsey. See that happy smile on her face? It never leaves. Ever. I have never seen a happier or quieter baby in my life. We just sat in amazement of her. If every baby was like her, there would be many, many more babies in this world.

Chicago November 2005 080.jpg

BestFriendWendy’s mom made an astounding statement when we were visiting her (and eating the best brunch EVER). She said, (and I quote) “Most babies are like that.”

OH, REALLY?! I wouldn’t know. Neither would anyone else I know. Lindsey is an anomaly in my baby-knowing experience. The only ones I know are the colicky, screaming, refluxing, non-breastfeeding kind. Sound familiar?! Yeah, me too.

But, she is amazing. And I got to smell her head. And it smelled really good.

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