Up in the Air… Swimmy Bird Man…

November 2, 2005


Tomorrow Husband, Swimmy and I are off to Chicago to see BestFriendWendy and her family for a long (WAAY overdue) weekend. I am so excited to get to spend time with my best college friend and to have our kids get to spend time together and play.

However, in order to get to Chicago, we have to get on a plane. And, fly.

I am not a good fly-er. Husband knows this. Normally I would partake of a lovely Dramamine and Bloody Mary Mix cocktail and knock myself clean out for the flight. It works best that way.

However, because the Swimmy is joining us, I will be sharing Swimmy Distraction and Entertainment Duties with Husband. And I have to APPEAR to be a terrific fly-er.

This is the Swimmy’s first flight ever. I’m not sure how she’s gonna deal with this. Feeling off balance and “new” experiences are not always her forte. (Wonder where she gets that charming trait from?)

We’ve bought coloring books, crayons and the ever important and highly recommended portable DVD player to fill the agonizing 3 hours with fun, Strawberry Shortcake and Dora the Explorer.

I cannot think of a worse way for me to spend three hours suspended in mid air NOT MEDICATED.

If any of you wise Internets out there have any tips on traveling and/or flying with a 4 year old, I am officially opening up the assvice pipeline right now. Let ‘er rip — I’m all ears, er, eyes.

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4 Responses to “Up in the Air… Swimmy Bird Man…”

  1. bill Says:

    Scream and shout until they subdue you and wrap you in duct tape. That’s my advise.

  2. Hula Doula Says:

    Funny you should ask! We did a HUGE trip for us and went overseas to Belgium and then Finland and Paris and Germany with the children. I have the 411 on entertainment.
    The best way we did it was I went and got a few small activities that neither one of them had seen. I wrapped them and for every hour of the plane ride they got to open one as long as they behaved. 12 hours later….they had been fully entertained! It was wonderful.
    This being little one’s first trip she’ll be facinated by everything from the free soda to the magazines and pull out tv’s!

  3. Chris Says:

    Maybe it’ll be better since you’ll be distracted trying to distract Swimmy? I hate flying too. Really hate it. Good luck 🙂

  4. Diana Says:

    What a baby I am about flying, and I am almost embarrassed to say, but my doc gave me a prescription for Xanax. I was able to be relatively calm but still able to handle the kids. It basically just took the edge off of the panick attack I was sure to have. The doc called my prescription in the pharmacy no problem and only gave me enough for both plane rides. As far as entertainment goes – I am also embarrassed to say that I kept the kids up extra late the night before both flights and both of them napped during the ride. Oh well, it was either that or pour them a stiff one – so overall I thought I handled it well. 🙂 Good luck!