Houston, We Have HUGE Problems

October 31, 2005


Well, folks, it’s Halloween and the freaky IT spooky goblins are at it again. It appears a server has crashed at my hosting company and they lost several files… ain’t life grand.

So, as I search through files, I’ll repost the entries, but I’ve lost all your wonderful comments. But, you’re still wonderful!

Thanks for hanging in there with me… and if you’d like to send a collective EVIL HEX to my hosting company, there’s a mini-Twix in it for ya.

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One Response to “Houston, We Have HUGE Problems”

  1. bill Says:

    I sent a double hex. That should qualify me for a mini-Butterfinger, one of the four food groups.
    Kit-Kats imply sharing. What’s up with that?
    p.s. I’ve been very happy with iPowerWeb…so far.