Children of the Internet

October 25, 2005


I was sending an email to a colleague who had just returned from a seminar where one of the courses she sat through was one about blogging. She told me of some statistics which were a little odd, like:

57% of all bloggers are male

40% are under the age of 30

39% have college degrees, and

42% are “well off” (whatever that means)

The “57% are male” one was interesting to me because I see and read a preponderance of chick bloggers. Most of them are of the “I’m single in the city” or “I’m pregnant” or “I’m a mom”. And, yes, I read some DaddyBlogs as well.

Then it occurred to me how many of us ChickBloggers talk openly about our children. We post pictures, chronicle their lives, write “milestone letters” to them, laugh, cry and freak the fuck out about them.

They are growing up not only WITH the Internet, but ON the Internet. It’s amazing how many of these kids I follow. Leta, LilZ (and now NikkiZ!), Noah, LilMiss and Boots, Mia Bean, Donovan, Chickadee and Monkey, Jackson and, of course, Barney’s Biggest Fan.

I can only imagine what these kids will think when they go back and read some of the things their parents have written about them. Will they feel like Internet Rockstars? Will they feel as if their privacy has been invaded? Will they have a greater understanding of their parents?

Hmmm… have to think about that last one a bit. What would The Swimmy learn by reading this site? Well, some tremendously useful vocabulary (for later in life)… that her Mommy is more of a “guy’s girl” than a “girl’s girl”… how much I love her Daddy… and, hopefully, how much she has added to my life.

Maybe one day these kids will be on some BlogHer panel discussing what it was like for them to grow up with a MommyBlogger. And maybe that will be okay, as long as the moderator isn’t Danny Bonaduce or some other Child Star Gone Bad mascot. And if I’m lucky, I’ll get to meet Dooce and Jon, Zoot, RockStarMommy, the Cactus and the Fish, Mir, Martha and Danny. And we’ll beam from the audience, so proud of our kids and who they’ve become.

And then we’ll head to the bar and give these kids reasons to start their OWN blogs. From generation to generation – hallelujah!

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