G-d is apparently a capitalist

October 18, 2005


As you may recall, I recently started my new job. I left a job at a state-supported medical school (with no budget) to join another non-profit (with huge budget), but this time a healthcare system. What I learned today is that the descriptor of “non-profit” does not necessarily mean “scraping by and rationing office supplies”.

The organization I am currently with has a very clear focus on not only providing excellent health care to the community, but all the key financial indicators.

Today was an (all day!) “annual meeting” where all us “leaders” come together and hear from the CEO, etc. about the strategy, focus, blah, blah, blah for the next year or so. For those of you who have ever worked in sales for a large organization, this resembled a rah-rah sales conference – but with doctors around – but no drugs… which? May have helped.

I could tell you many, many funny stories about the professional improv troupe hired to teach us about thinking outside the box, the mock talk show format full of HIGHLY scripted information or how my boss and I skipped out on a breakout session to go to a nearby restaurant for a highly coveted piece of butter cake.

But those would not be the best parts. The BEST part would be the opening invocation. Yes, prayer is funny.

This nice man, in complete seriousness, delivered the following line:

“And thank you for guiding us through good margins and bad, through profits and losses, through regulations and reviews.”

Oh. My. G-d.

There was more, but I was laughing too hard and waaaay too incredulous to write it down. Toto, we ain’t with the state any more.

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