I am disappointed, ecstatic and an idiot. All in one day.

October 16, 2005


First, quickly, I am disappointed in the writers of Grey’s Anatomy. Munchausen’s Syndrome? Come on, guys. A bit cliché and overdone, doncha think? The TV watching public is a bit more saavy than that and a host of other medically-centric shows have raised the bar on medical cases presented in a storyline.

But kudos on having a storyline including Cystic Fibrosis. It’s a terrible disease that has not received NEARLY the attention or research funding. Shameless plug coming: Give here.

Next, I am ECSTATIC that positive, uplifting shows are making their way onto network television – and getting ratings! Way to go, Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Nice work, Three Wishes. Bring it, on Random 1. Enough with the bullshit, morally bankrupt messages that are fucking INGRAINED in most of popular shows all up and down the channel list. Finally! A message that might, just might, teach folks to do something great with their time and resources. Thank you.

And finally, I’m an idiot. Hello! I was happily preparing a whole host of chicken parts for a very tasty, but oh-so-simple dish chock full of tastiness. So, I’m rinsing off the pieces and laying them out on a dishtowel to pat dry. Rinse, rinse, pat, pat. Throw the chicken in two Ziploc bags (divided so they would fit)… hmmm… one doesn’t. No biggee. I’ll take of it later.

Pour the marinade in the bags, close up the bags, stick ‘em in the refrigerator. Oh! Be sure to grab the ew-yicky-chicken-infested dishtowels and put them in the laundry room so you don’t spread the chicken germs all over the chicken. Right! Done.

And that’s where things go horribly, hilariously … uh, wrong.

[1 hour and 13 minutes later. A call from the laundry room.]

Husband: DEAR! Could you come here? NOW?!

Me: [Thinking WTF?!] Uh, yeah?

Husband: What is THIS?!

Me: Oh. That. That… would be a chicken thigh.

Husband: Right. Excuse me, I have to rewash the towels now.

Me: You washed the chicken thigh?!

Husband: * stares *

Me: Right.

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2 Responses to “I am disappointed, ecstatic and an idiot. All in one day.”

  1. Chris Says:

    I agree – its great that nice shows are getting some attention. But I’ve had to stop watching Extreme Makeover HE. I love what they’re doing but the presentation has gotten so cheesy and its such a setup. If they’d just film the week and stop ramming the heartwarming moments down our throats, I’d watch it again.

  2. trb Says:

    I thought the same thing about Munchausen’s. Didn’t Grey’s Anatomy just do something about that a couple of weeks ago? And I got choked up about the CF plotline. A friend of mine, who’s now 32, has it and definitely reminded me how quickly he could be gone.