Reasons I Should Not Be Allowed to Work at Home

October 10, 2005


400 thread count sheets

Two bags of Teddy Grahams in 20 minutes

Young and the Restless, All My Children, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital

Extended lunches with Husband

The spontaneous couch nap attack


Extensive web research, surfing and blog reading

That snack of strawberry ice cream

That other spontaneous couch nap

Trying to concentrate with a rank-smelling Pfluftagus sitting next to me on the couch

The lists of home improvement projects growing in my head

Considering having a glass of wine while watching Food Network

Trapped with my own paranoid, obsessive, anxiety-ridden thoughts while waiting, waiting, waiting for a phone call that never comes.

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One Response to “Reasons I Should Not Be Allowed to Work at Home”

  1. Chris Says:

    As long as you’re not having said glass of wine at 8 AM while watching the Food Network, I’d say your priorities are very much in order.