I Totally WIN!

October 1, 2005


What do I win, you say? I’ll tell you exactly what I win. I win the shopping wars for all time! All. Time.

I had to take ArtsyDaughter to get some new “going to Temple” clothes because, quite frankly, she hadn’t gotten any in three years and we were tired of looking at the ones from high school. Oy.

And so, we’re off to the Usual Places around here. First place we went was usually a good one for us, but turned out they were sort of “between seasons” and we struck out. Almost found a pantsuit, but not quite. So off to Dillard’s we go.

But before we get to Dillard’s we had to walk through another mall anchor store – Mervyn’s. Now, I don’t really ever go to Mervyn’s, but, because we parked outside of it, we walked into the mall through the store.

We almost made it out of the store when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.

The Jacket.

I’d been looking for a cool, cropped, funky jacket to wear with a kicky pleated skirt and fun camisole, but couldn’t really find one. I had thought all hope was lost – or at least all options were WAAAY expensive and, given the amount of money I’m –> this close <-- to spending on my hair, I thought I ought to keep looking. But there it was. Black, good quality, heavily textured, cropped and nicely tailored with a detachable faux fur collar. Perfect. AND $19 - FUCKING - .95 PEOPLE! Oh. My. G-d. That’s it! I win. I trained under the best (hi, Mom!) all my life for this. I do not believe I can ever top this shopping moment (unless I stumble upon a Chanel suit for $5 one day). I have climbed my Everest. I’d like to thank the Academy...

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One Response to “I Totally WIN!”

  1. Chris Says:

    Excellent mad shopping skillz. You definitely deserve a medal.