Well, I guess it’s official

September 30, 2005


I started my new job this week. I was supposed to start last week but, well, there was a hurricane – sort of. And so, I got happily delayed a few days before having to jump back into things. And after schlepping back and forth to Austin, I really wanted an extra day or two to get my shit together. Thank you HR gods!

But, I can no longer hide. I am officially in Outlook and the emails and meeting notices have started. Damn.

However, there is an upside to starting this new gig (besides the obvious ability to eat and pay the mortgage) – I am getting a groovy TabletPC that has my horny little inner geek on full overdrive right now.

There are a few (material) things that I just adore and must have or I start to get a blank funk about me: great jewelry (real or fake), powerful hair products (duh) and screaming, sexy technology. Oh, and really good food.

I’m totally addicted to all of it.

My last job did not afford me the screaming, sexy technology. And I was sad. Great people, bad toys.

But, this, THIS! could be the toy of all toys so far – and I used to work in IT! I am itching like some sort of crackhead to play with it. I’ve already picked out the new router I’m going to buy for my house so that working from home can include ANYWHERE IN OR AROUND MI CASA.

Love me! I am a complete geek.

As Husband can attest, my material obsessions are not budget-friendly however. Here is my current, totally high-maintenance wishlist:

1. Japanese Thermal Straightening treatment ($850)

2. Canon EOS Digital Rebel or Nikon D70 Digital SLR (figure $900)

3. Diamond stud earrings ($$)

4. Eating at the Chef’s Table at Brennan’s with family and friends (this could cost more than the earrings)


But? On the bright (and totally morally-appropriate) side? My house is still standing, my family is healthy and happy and I can put (good!) food on the table.

It’s a good day. A good day with toys! Hope your day is good, too!

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