And Now for the Airing of Puppy Grievances

September 26, 2005


First, let me first preface this by saying WE ARE HOME. Another 5 hour trip that should have only taken 3 hours, but we are home… and very lucky that it only took 5 hours. (Husband and FabFIL are masterful navigators – thank ya, boys!) I was introduced to the elusive Texas “back roads” and pleasantly surprised (except for all the passing on the left maneuvers which freak me out… but even I attempted it successfully at one point.)

And now without further adieu –

From The Pfluftagus

What is with you people!? One minute we’re calmly lying around, the next you are madly rushing about the house taking things off of walls, putting things in closets and the phone is ringing off the hook. Can’t a puppy get some rest around here?

And if that isn’t bad enough, you bring out The Suitcases. Surely you know that any sight of luggage causes a puppy to go into panic-mode, right? But, that wasn’t enough. Noooo… you brought out The Leash and The Kennel.

And all of a sudden you are rushing to put The Luggage and ME IN THE KENNEL in the car in the middle of the night and off we go onto the Texas Highways. Where are we going? What are we doing? Did you bring my treats? What if I have to pee?

And we were in the car A Long Time. That is totally unacceptable, but I do thank you for the air conditioning. And then, THEN! you drop me at some new boarding place with Those Dogs when all I want to do is sleep with you guys and why do you not love me anymore? {sigh}

So, I finally settle in to my new resort community and you come and pick me up for Another Long Car Ride. This has got to stop. I’m going to complain to management about this one. No one should be subjected to this. My very fragile psyche is on its last firing neuron and REALLY?! I need a valium.

Now, I love you people. Really I do. But, much more of this spontaneous adventure and I’m liable to have that nervous breakdown you’re always saying I’m really close to having. Just stop it! And let’s go to sleep finally. In our own home. In your bed thankyouverymuch.


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