This this is so over already. The game is on.

September 25, 2005


Bad grammar aside, this is basically what the mentality of the Houston TV stations is right now. I’ve tried calling friends and family in Houston to get a “read” on the traffic on the highways coming back in to Houston and this is the answer my dad gave.

Uh, ok.

Well, I hope it’s clear tomorrow. We’re ALL driving back in a carvan… Husband, Swimmy, me, FabFIL, ArtsyDaughter (who had her wallet stolen out of her car at an Austin gas station – ugh) AND the Pfluftagus (who has got to be teetering on a nervous breakdown by now).

And now, a little ditty in honor of Husband’s Uncle Barry meeting Willy Nelson on the golf course yesterday (I’m telling ya — this is quite the place!)…

On the road again … I could wait to get on the road again … I find life is making cocktail with my friends … and I could wait to get on the road again…

And for our next event… Dinner!

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