September 24, 2005


Well, this little evacuation / freak-out has turned out to be a nice little vacation. No, seriously.

I’ll share the beautiful sunset picture from the balcony of the lakehouse once I get back home, but trust me — p.e.a.c.e.

My one high-maintenance moment of this whole weird ordeal happened today (and, yes, I can admit it was high-maintenance). After dealing with scattered family members, not sleeping for two nights, not pooping for 3 days (I am not proud) and a variety of other schlepping episodes, I finally hit the wall.

I didn’t have it in me to dry my hair.

I took a lovely shower. I washed my hair with the 900 way too expensive hair products I remembered to cart around with me. I even put MORE conditioner in my hair as a “treat”. But I just couldn’t dry it. Luckily, I do NOT have a picture of what my hair looked liked after air-drying this morning.

But let’s just say many in the family were wide-eyed. Think Macy Gray on crack in a windtunnel and you are well on your way (but not quite there yet) to the correct image.

Not pretty.

And so, I did what any normal completely high-maintenance evacuee would do. I made an appointment at a random hair salon in the hopes they could help dry my hair.

You think that’s easy? Here’s how ANY conversation goes when I don’t use my normal salon:

Me: I desperately need to get my hair blow dried.

Them: No problem. What time?

Me: Hang on. Before we do this, you need to be aware of a few things.

Them: Uh, ok.

Me: My hair is unbelievably thick, coarse and curly. Do you have someone there very skilled with a round brush and flat iron who doesn’t rely solely on product to make this happen.

Them: No problem!

Me: You would think, but I doubt it. How much do you charge for a blow dry?

Them: $27.50

Me: Yeah, see, that is not going to work for you. I promise you that you’ll want to charge me $50. This should give you an idea of the task about to be undertaken.

Them: No, really, it will be fine.

Me: Okay, I’m going to explain this a different way. Think White Girl with Black Hair. Get the picture?

{Insert family cracking up in the background here.}

Them: Oh. Well, I’m sure it will be fine.

Me: [Praying they know what they’ve signed up for] Ok…

Cut to me walking in.

Them: Holy mother of G-d and all that is holy what the fuck is THAT?!

Me: Ready to charge me $50 now?

Them: Uh, yeah.

The good thing is this little blow dry attempt (not great, but it’ll do) will last 4 days. Cause I still have to drive home with The Swimmy and lord only knows how that is going to go. But, since we’re staying until Monday, I think I’ll get a manicure / pedicure while I’m at it!

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One Response to “Ahhh…”

  1. Chris Says:

    You know, if you’d just stayed in Houston and stood outside, the blow dry would have been free!