September 23, 2005


Well, at 11:30pm Husband and FabFIL got on the road to drive to Austin. They finally arrived at 4:15am completely exhausted and thankful to JUST BE HERE ALREADY!

Pfluftagus survived the trip fairly well, but she’s really had a quite an adventure for her normally quiet little life. 4 1/2 hours in a car to come and get back in her crate in a strange house with a large black lab named Shadow. All she really wanted to do is get in bed with us and go to sleep, but, she couldn’t. We got her to her boarding facility this morning and I’m figuring she’s going to (a) lose 5 lbs and, (b) sleep for a week. Bless her little heart.

But, before Husband left to get on the road, there was one last event he had to deal with — naturally.

The toilet exploded.

Apparently, Husband was home packing when he heard a strange noise, followed by some more strange noise. When he got up to follow the strange noise he found that it was the toilet making that strange noise — specifically the back part of the potty.

When Husband lifted up the lid to the tank, gallons and gallons of water came rushing up and out and, well, soaked him. There was an inch of water in our bathroom and more heading for my closet before he could shut the water off.

As he puts it, it’s a good thing he was stuck home after all, otherwise our entire house would have been flooded — and that’s BEFORE the storm!

But, thankfully, everyone is here now. Well, almost everyone. My dad, grandmother, brother, aunt and uncle are still scattered around Houston going to ride it out. It looks like it might be okay for them to be there, but let’s send them good vibes just in case.

Thanks again to everyone who has emailed their good wishes — they are appreciated. And keep the LA folks in your mind, too.

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2 Responses to “Whew.”

  1. Kelly Says:

    So glad you and the fam are safe. It took my father in law 18 hours to get from Houston to Bryan… (right by College Station.) Crazy huh? I am glad your HB is with you and oh my gosh, I really hope your house stays safe!
    BTW. Still can’t get over how awesome your blog looks!

  2. Bill Farrell Says:

    Helen said the same thing. “Turn the water off before we leave in case the roof gets blown off, and the water heater gets ripped out, ’cause we wouldn’t want to come back with water spewing everywhere.”
    Roof ripped off…
    in the end, I forgot to do it. Typical.