Go Away, Rita. Um, Please?

September 20, 2005


This is so strange. I am packing up some clothes, medicines, etc. for myself and The Swimmy and getting ready to flee with Husband and Pfluftagus to Austin to escape dealing with hurricane Rita.

It’s unlikely that we’ll have huge damage to the house, but some is possible. It’s weird thinking that some of our “things” may not be here when we return. I’ve been going through a mental list of things I want to take with us, but the list keeps changing.

Wedding pictures (that suck)? Computer (uh, yes)? Jewelry? Keepsakes from the kids? Which ones? Kaopectate? (You better believe it!) Art works?

I’m going to video tape my house tomorrow just in case we need the proof for insurance reasons. I’m taking things off of countertops, mantles, walls… We’re playing guessing games about which of the 847 trees might actually do damage — how they would fall, what room(s) would be affected.

The Swimmy only knows we’re going on a trip to Austin. She’s excited to see the family — but I think she reads a bit of apprehension because she keeps kissing and hugging me (well, more than usual).

We talked to her about the kids that were affected by Katrina and she wanted to give some of her clothes and toys to them. So, we packed them up and she told me she felt happy helping the kids. I don’t think I can explain to her why we’re leaving town in the next day or so — it would scare her.

And so, I get to be the judge and jury for what goes with us and it makes my stomache turn over (more than usual). Oh, and that New Job? Uh… I guess I’ll be starting a bit later.

And that facial? Totally cancelled.

Husband says sometimes its better to be lucky than good. I’d like a little of that luck to kick in now.

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One Response to “Go Away, Rita. Um, Please?”

  1. Chris Says:

    Take care of yourselves and each other!!