The One Where I Resign. And Feeding the HGTV Devil.

September 8, 2005


I resigned last Friday and I am both heartbroken and completely ELATED all at once. I am so very sad to leave some of my favorite colleagues and faculty members, but, it was a path I put myself on months ago and, really, one I should stay on.

(I’d tell you more about what started me on that path, but I’ve read WAY too much of Dooce’s website to do that. But, if I could, there’d be SO much to say.)

So, I have almost immediately given myself the following added benefits:

1. A SEVEN MINUTE DRIVING COMMUTE. (that by itself totally deserves all caps)

2. More money (natch)

3. The ability to have lunch with Husband (awww)

4. Being nearer to the Swimmy and her school (yeah!)

And did I mention the SEVEN MINUTE commute?! People, the angels are harking and heralding. I know many of you will miss the driving adventures, but something tells me that even in SEVEN MINUTES (can’t stop the caps!) I’m sure there will be driving adventures.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching WAY too much HGTV and am already planning the next two major home projects: the kitchen and our bedroom.

It is extraordinary how quickly I can spend money in my head. Really it is. I’m like a world champion when it comes to doing the house. (Right, Deart?) See, the house still has a lot of 1988 running about. And that, quite frankly, periodically makes my head spin off.

We bought the house because it has, as they say, “good bones” and we could do a LOT with it. We attacked the major renovations pieces first: all walls and floors upon moving in. Then, the smaller (kids and guest) bathroom, then our bathroom (due to a scary almost mold incident). Most recently was the dining room we turned into a “lounge” area because we have absolute NO reason for a formal dining room.

And so, the hamster in my head is running again and the little spreadsheets and pricing exercises have begun. The good thing? It will not be NEARLY as traumatic as Amalah’s experience. (Sorry, Amy!) The bad thing? We haven’t won the lottery yet. But! Because of my resignation, my evil house plan may actually work because, well, the state, it takes your money. (Whether you want it to or not!) But, I can get it back…eventually.

And that, my friends, is how delusion get fed.

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