Public Potty Etiquette: Lesson Three

September 4, 2005


I think I’m going to have to start making Husband take The Swimmy to the potty. It’s really getting to be a bit much for me. I’m not sure I’m going to be able to show my face around a certain family-oriented restaurant for much longer. The other mothers are really starting to look at me sideways.

Again, we’re in the potty because it’s Sunday and for some reason (even if she went potty 2 minutes before entering the restaurant!) the moment I get three bites of my brunch in my very hungry (and at this point, cranky) mouth, “Mommy, I’ve gotta go potty” happens.

It never fails. So, off we go.

There is one other mother and her tween-kid in there and The Swimmy is jabbering away on the potty discussing her current Poo Poo Status. She is taking an inordinate amount of time and I ask her what she is doing.

“I’m waiting for the poo poo.”

Of course you are…

The mother and kid leave and as the next set of audience members arrive The Swimmy announces, “The Poo Poo is here! There it is.”

Oh, for the love of G-d.

Polite smiles all around as I silently consider ordering a very poorly made margarita or a large pair of sunglasses and a hat to make the long walk across the restaurant and back to our seats.

But at least the potty doesn’t have auto-co-magical flushes.

On yet another serious note


Our family lost a terrific lady this weekend. She was funny, supportive, strong, brash, irreverent, loyal, and did I mention funny and strong? Her life was full of challenges, but she got up every day to face it with humor, passion and joy. She would have loved to hear this potty story. She was an inspiration to us all and we miss her already. But, I’m sure where she is now, she is kicking much ass. That’s just how she is.

Life was her favorite thing. And so to honor hers I laugh through my tears. I get up every morning. I kiss my family and say I love you. I remember that nothing is as bad as it seems. And I celebrate it all.

Goodbye, my dear friend, we’ll be in touch. And, in the words of The Swimmy, “G-d Bless Earline.”

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  1. Misti Says:

    i enjoy reading your blog. thank you for sharing.