Spring (Okay, FALL) Cleaning

August 13, 2005


I had had enough.  I could no longer deal with my closet being (a) messy and, (b) overrun with dry cleaner wire hangers with nothing on them.  So, for one hour I dumped everything out of the closet onto my bathroom floor and began what will come to be known as the Great Purge of 2005.

I decided to take the advice of every women’s magazine I no longer have a subscription for and get rid of everything that (a) had not been worn in two years and, (b) could go to either charity or to my local resale shop.

Here are a few things I found or uncovered in my Purge:

A 1985 Chanel (knock-off) chain link belt

My brother’s high school freshman homecoming picture (wallet sized)

A package of index cards

347 black knee highs (I hate pantyhose and they’re great with boots)

12,749 wire hangers

9,741 wire pant hangers

Skinny leggings (I know.  I grossed myself out again even typing this.)

2 sorority philanthropy event t-shirts (circa 1991)

And old journal

Someone’s engagement gift that never quite got to them

A Pfluftagus Halloween costume she HATES with the fire of a thousand suns

A Swimmy dress

Husband’s blue dress shirt (that needs to be given to charity and replaced)

4 bras

A bad-ass leather vest I TOTALLY forgot I had

Overall – a few good finds.  MANY items for the resale shop (yeah!  Money for more clothes) and MANY more items for charity (including all 1980s – 1990s costume jewelry that scares me to think about).

I think I now know what it means to have a “cleansing” experience.  This was great!  Now… what to fill up my new closet space with?  Hmmmm….

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