Milk It Does A Body… EW!

August 12, 2005


I work at a medical center full of medical school, hospitals and medical office buildings.  It’s a cool campus-y kind of feel and students, doctors, patients and staff are always walking around (mostly because parking sucks so badly). 

There is one building kinda in the middle of campus that is the “commons” building where there is a food court, more (bad) parking, little stores, etc. and it’s where many folks go to grab a bite to eat and hang out.  (Except in the summer when it’s 150 degrees outside – like TODAY.)

I walked over to the commons building today to grab a Club Sandwich From Hell and noticed many little booths with balloons attached to them trying to market something.  Couldn’t tell what it was right away, but there were lots of bored college students (read: marketing interns) in matching shirts and shorts milling around trying to drum up interest for…


Yes.  Milk.  What a brilliant idea!  ‘Cause when it’s 150 degrees outside, I CERTAINLY want to drink some milk out of a cooler.  THAT sounds refreshing!

AND… they were marketing milk as a WEIGHT LOSS option. 

What desperate, drunk or high Milk Executive paid an over-priced advertising firm to come up with THIS genius idea?

So, as I’m walking into the building, a perky intern comes bouncing up… and it went something like this:

PerkyIntern:      Hi!  Want to try some milk today?!

Me:                   Are you kidding?

PerkyIntern:      Uh, no.

Me:                   I don’t think so.

PerkyIntern:      Why, not?!  It’s good and (wait for it…) good for you!

Me:                   Because it’s 105 outside and I cannot get the image of tepid, curdled milk rolling  around my mouth out of my head.

PerkyIntern:      Oh.   and… right.

Five minutes later I came strolling out with a Coke.  And a smile.

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