Wine, Wine, Wine and… Whine

August 8, 2005


First, let me just say that I am writing after ONE glass of badly chosen white wine.  (Such a cheap date you wouldn’t believe… unless you met Husband.)  This is a great way to write an entry.

Speaking of wine, Husband and I went out for my birthday (a wee bit early) Saturday night in “the hood”.  Dinner, then a few errands I forgot earlier in the day, massive short term rain storm, SHOPPING (more about that later) and then to a wine bar… mostly.

It was the first time we had been sans-Swimmy in quite some time and… hoo boy!  Were we ready for some “adult swim”.  While the Swimmy was at a sleepover (and going to The Greatest Show On Earth NOT in Our House), we had a very busy couple of days. 

We just HEMORRAGHED money this weekend.

We all know the tire story.  Four, thankyouverymuch.  Then it became the Rise of the Machines around la casa. 

First, the microwave.  The door just up and snapped off.  Currently it is superglued and duct-taped together until we can figure out what to do. 

Then, the TV – poof!  Internal scary sparking-like sounds.  And no picture.  Off to Best Buy!  Entourage cannot be missed. 

Computer keyboard?  Pfft!  Done.  Off to Frye’s!   (Side note:  my inner geek felt like I had hit the NeimanMarcus Last Call Zone at Frye’s.  Dude!)

But, back to the shopping… Because Husband’s wardrobe has not had any maintenance (or an overhaul) done in 6 years… new dress shoes for him!  I give him much credit for doing this – he is NOT a shopper.  But, given that there’s a wedding a-brewin’, he’s gonna have to suck it up.

I had the most annoying outfit known to man on that Saturday night and at one point while Husband was picking up some new! dress! slacks! I went upstairs to get a new pair of Levi 518s and a shirt (mine kept slipping down and I was flashing people left and right – much to Husband’s delight).

Then we ALMOST got to the wine bar.  But, there’s a Sharper Image next to it and we both spent some quality time checking out the $900 massage chairs and trying to somehow rationalize the price.  ‘Cause, really?… Oooohhhh…..

Me:                  Ya know, ONE massage is $100.  Easy.

Husband:          Really?!  Hmm….

Me:                  So, really, if our poor sad backs could be improved with one, we’d only need to use it NINE times for it to have an ROI of 100%.  (I find using consulting terms lends credibility to an asinine conversation.)

Husband:          Uh, no.

Me:                  Pwease?

Husband:          Let’s get some wine.  After I sit in this chair again.

So, no chair.  But here it is.  Woah.

While sipping more poorly chosen wine and a bad dessert, but digging the vibe and ambiance, we got to people watch.  Which really meant slamming people.

Like this woman.  The white trash couple with the drunk wife / mother in the trucker-mesh baseball hat, denim mini-skirt and tank top with the 18 month-old toddling around with his sippy cup… at TEN-THIRTY AT NIGHT.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you a future burden on society.

What a buzz kill.  And I’ve had a headache for two days.  But – it was FUN!

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