Oh For the Love of G-d!

August 2, 2005


People?  The Fluftagus?  I love her.  Really I do.  She’s sweet and scrappy and neurotic and furry.  But her ass?  It can clear a room.

There is nothing – NOTHING – like puppy farts.


Oh, my G-d! 

I guess her stomach couldn’t overcome the combination of Science Diet, grass and whatever else she gets into in the backyard because seriously? the silent intestinal revolution being staged in our bedroom last night?  was nothing short of apocalyptic.  And gross.

Her gas not only interrupted the reveal on Hell’s Kitchen (and my breathing!), but the rerun of General Hospital.  And that – borders on unacceptable.  At one point even SHE had to leave the room in shame.

It’s a good thing she’s cute.  Jesus.

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