Reason #5479125 to stay in bed this morning

July 27, 2005


It appears that my car has some kind of target on it today that is not visible to me – only to the gazillion cell-phone-talking, non-attention-paying, car’s-too-shitty-to-care-what-happens, asshole drivers I encountered on my way into work today.

Within 37 minutes, I had:

An old man in a rusted out pick-up truck (Texas, natch) casually decide … that white lane marker?  in the middle of the road?  it really isn’t all that important.  … and almost jack the car’s driver side (uh, MINE!) up.  A lot.

A cab driver (yes, there are cabs in Texas– just no one uses them) decide to exit the freeway, not be sure he really WANTED to leave the exit / merge / feeder street lane, and then think, “oh, right! I DO need to get all the off” and promptly swerve into my lane WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING TO THE RIGHT.

Another Genius try to make a 107 degree turn starting from the right lane through an intersection – again, WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING TO THE LEFT.

Jesus!  Back off, people!  I’m just trying to get my office and am in no mood to deal with your bullshit, Tools.

Luckily, am fine.  Now have to figure out what the next 8 (ahem) hours looks like.

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