Lessons in Swimmy Management

July 26, 2005


The Swimmy is a very bright 4 year old.  Frighteningly bright. 

And, usually, frighteningly bright = hypersensitive which is definitely the case in this instance.  For example, before a major event or change is going to happen in our house, or in her life, we have to start talking about it WELL in advance so that she can get her head wrapped around the idea and not freak out. 

Or at least not as much.

Some examples include:

Going out to dinner with new people.  2 days.  We must tell her we’re all going, who is going to be there, how they are nice and how much fun it will be.  Repeat this information about 3 times in 2 days so by the time we actually go, she’s fine with it.

Going to Summer Day Camp.  4 weeks.  Tell her school is “over” and that she is going to get to go play and SWIM at camp.  Drive her by the camp and point out how close it is to other things she knows.  Read books about going to camp.  Buy special lunchkit for camp.  Let her pick out some foods she can take in her new special lunch kit.  The first drop off day there will be the requisite melt down, but after that – no problem.

Well, as many of you know, OldestDaughter is getting married.  When asked if she was excited about OldestDaughter getting married and being a flowergirl, The Swimmy said,  “NO!” and got a freaked out look on her face.

And so, the Advanced Swimmy Management session shall now begin.  14 months.

We’ve talked about what getting married is, that OldestDaughter will be marrying TheBoy, it is very special and holy, and The Swimmy gets to carry a beautiful basket of rose petals and wear a “princess dress”.  (We had to set the expectation about the dress NOT being a Disney Princess dress, though.  Not sure “Sleeping Beauty” goes with the overall color theme…)

She still is not completely on board, but we’re getting there because The Swimmy got to see real, live wedding and flower girl dresses this weekend.  We were out and about and happened to be next to a bridal boutique.  Being a genius Mommy, I took The Swimmy inside to see the dresses and since she is a clotheswhore like her Mommy, she was very excited.

Now she wants to pick out her flower girl dress AND OldestDaughter’s wedding gown.

Yeah, that’s gonna happen.

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