Tall Vendi Grande … Also, I am the best wife EVER

July 22, 2005


First.  I was at a Starbucks this morning waiting for the person who will, for the next few weeks, be referred to as TheManofMyDreams.  Don’t worry, after my discussion today, Husband ALSO thinks this person is the man of HIS dreams as well.  More about that another time.

Hadn’t been in a Starbucks for awhile.  I got there early and had a chance to scribble some thoughts down while people watching (a favorite past time).  Here are a few:

Hearing the orders at Starbucks cracks me up.  Tall-iced-caramel-macchiato!  Double-venti-iced-mocha-frapaccino!  Can you imagine if everything in life got ordered the same way? 

How about a date?

Venti honest charming music lover!

Tall co-dependent nice guy you won’t find attractive!

Grande asshole with commitment issues for rescuing!  Need a lid?

Or a job?

Tall bullshit entry level position to get out of my parents house!

Venti with travel and expense account but no life!

Grande beat down by the man!

That gives me a headache.

Second.  Husband and his dad are in Myrtle Beach, SC playing a national Father-Son Golf Tournament.  They are there with his uncle and cousin, and a few other friends.  They’ve been going to this week long extravaganza for 4 years now.  The first time they went, The Swimmy was 6 weeks old.


You may be wondering how we are not divorced after that.  The raving-bitch-exhausted-mommy-wife part of me was clearly insane. But, he had it planned before I was pregnant, and the squishy-mommy-chick part of me thought it was very touching that he and his dad would get to have that memory together.  ‘Cause I’m cool like that.

And for this I shall be rewarded with momentous pieces of jewelry (someday), his undying love and affection, and a chit that allows me to go off on a “girls weekend” whenever one comes up.  And, Deart, I can feel one a-comin’.

Good luck, Husband! 

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