July 14, 2005


A typical Monday morning.  Drop the Swimmy off at camp (which I thought we’d never make it to on time), speed to the office (again, more lateness), log on, check email, read the gossip, and then check my blogpage to make sure nothing flooky has happened to the layout overnight (damn the evil code demons).

Google Ads and I are gonna have to have a chat.  The Google Ad that is on the site is WBS –




– for those seeking free bible classes.  Are ya kidding?  I’m thinkin’ Google’s text scanning tool is WAY off.  Any page that has content about PMSing, reality TV, killing my daughter’s fish and the word “cocksucker” on it really isn’t going to appeal to anyone looking for the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Not so much.

Anyhoo.  So, Husband and I were chatting over the weekend about where The Swimmy gets her personality traits from.  Somehow, all the goofy-ass stuff she does is attributed to ME and the groovy, half-way intelligent stuff is all HIM.  For instance, her frightening ability to repeat all Bingo number combinations called – him.  Her love of surprising people with zerberts – me. 

I don’t think so!

Husband, while admittedly talented in the math category due to a crack in the head by a baseball bat at summer camp (before that he was worthless with numbers), ALSO has this odd need to eat things in even numbers.  (Can’t have 3 Junior Mints, must be 4.)  The Swimmy now also makes even number designs with beads, cards, peas and you get the picture.

The Swimmy is a total clotheswhore, like her mommy thankyouverymuch.  I will take all kinds of credit for that – knowing that in 10 years she’s gonna be a nightmare in Middle School.  I’ll be having flashbacks about, “No, MOTHER, I HAVE to have the JORDACHE jeans and I’m not going to Sears.” 

I got a glimpse of that wonderfulness this weekend as we are currently in Swimmy Cold mode and full of antihistamines that cause drowsiness, bitchiness and whiny-ness.  Yeah.  Good times.  But, Husband had a nice Father’s Day weekend in spite of PMS and Swimmy Coldness and that is what was important.

And to all the fathers out there – many, many thanks!  We couldn’t do it without you!  Love, The Mommies.

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